What Types of Decking Are Safe for Pets?
Posted on 1 February 2023
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Your decking is meant to be a stunning focal point of your outdoor area, somewhere that becomes a hub of activity and somewhere for the whole family, including the pets to enjoy,

The thing is, with pets you often need to make a lot of adjustments to make sure that the areas they rest, play, eat and explore are safe, the last thing you want is for an injury or sickness to be caused through your own recklessness.

So, when it comes to your garden, you will need to be ensuring that certain elements are given a little more thought than others. One area, in particular, is your garden decking. If you have been considering adding a deck to your garden or refurbing your already existing one, you will likely need to consider the type of decking you wish to have installed. Visually pleasing might be one thing but if it comes at cost of your pet’s well-being, you may have to look at alternative options.

We looked at pet-safe decking to help give you confidence that you are making the right choice.

What type of decking is best for dogs?

Dogs, cats, rabbits, pretty much any pet may have access to your deck at some point so making sure it is durable enough for claws, paws, and anything else is quite important! That is why we recommend a composite deck. Not only is composite decking extremely durable, but it won’t splinter and cause your precious pets any injury. Furthermore, unlike metal decks, when it is a warm summer day, you aren’t having to worry about a dangerously hot surface burning your furry friend.

Slip-free decking for your pet

Cosmetic damage to your deck is often a high consideration when it comes to choosing the type of deck you should have in your garden, and hopefully, we have allayed some fears by indicating how scratch-resistant composite decks are. The other risk factor people put a great deal of thought into is the safety element. We have already touched upon how a composite deck is heat-resistant enough to help your pet avoid injury, but what about slip hazards? A dog or cat can bound around at speed and if the deck is wet or icy, how much of a risk is your pet putting itself at? Luckily, composite decks are made with low porosity in mind which makes them extremely slip-resistant. You should, of course, always err on the side of caution and not encourage running on a wet or potentially slippery surface but composite decking is your best option to help keep your pet on their feet when compared to other decking surfaces.

Easy to clean pet safe decking

You may not like it but there is a good chance it is going to happen. Your dog, or any other pet, decides it’s time to go to the toilet and settles for a spot on your decking. You look on, concerned that a stain or much worse is sure to follow, but it doesn’t. Why? Because Millboard decking is just as tough against stains as it is scratches. It’s also rot-resistant and easy to clean so should your dog decide that the deck is the best option, you can easily clean it away without fear of any damage to your deck being caused.

What other decking types could I consider for my pet?

You can install a deck in your garden from a variety of materials, each with some key points that make them a great consideration. Wood boasts a classic, authentic look and can be cheap to have installed, however, it can rot fast if not maintained correctly. An inadequate level of maintenance could mean that your pet causes it damage sooner than you would have expected. Unfortunately, the damage may not just be limited to the damage your pet can cause, warping, and splitting can be common failings of wood decking which could pose a risk to pets, children and anyone else that uses the deck.

A plastic deck is easy to clean, available in a variety of styles and is often a go-to for many people however, it will not provide you with the best surface for slip or heat resistance. Whilst also seen as a cheaper alternative to many other types, it also gives a cheaper look too which may go against the look you are trying to give your garden,

Metal decking is less common but, in some places, may still be one that is on the shopping list. We would advise against metal decking for pets, primarily for the safety element, both slip and burn risks are quite high on metal.

If you have a pet in the home and want it to enjoy the garden like you do. Consider composite decking to give them a great space to rest and play when in your garden. With all of its unique features, you not only have a deck that lasts your home for years to come, but you have a deck that your pet can be safe and comfortable on. Speak to our team today to discover how easy and affordable it is to have a pet-friendly garden composite decking installed in your garden.

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