Great Ways to Make Your Deck a Summer Success
Posted on 2 May 2023
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With summer just around the corner, thoughts of nights out in the garden are sure to be creeping into your mind.  Entertaining friends, playing with your kids, relaxing in the hot tub, or maybe just napping on garden furniture on your deck. The longer, warmer nights are an open invitation to give yourself a little more you time, family time, and downtime from the otherwise hectic life you may lead.

To fully enjoy it though, your surroundings need to help make it happen. An overgrown lawn, for example, is not going to make the kids have a great playtime, and a damaged deck is not going to inspire you to enjoy it to its maximum.

With The Southern Decking Company being leaders in the world of garden decks, we thought it best to find you some ways that you can make your deck that party place, holistic haven, or relaxing refuge you want it to be this summer.

4 ways to enjoy your deck this summer

Below we have picked four ways that you could enjoy your decking this summer. Some of which could make you the talk of the neighbourhood, some that will just bring a little more zen to your life!

Enjoy the night sky

Sitting out on your composite decking with your eyes on the skies can prove to be an incredibly relaxing and insightful experience. The low glow of the decking lights, some cosy blankets and maybe some background music enhance the experience as you search for shooting stars, planets, constellations, and maybe UFOs! Download Google Sky Map or a similar app to get a clear understanding of what you have seen and get a better understanding of the universe.

A night like this can also set the scene for a romantic gesture or two as well…….

Embrace nature

Your deck can be a place that really enhances rest and relaxation. Splashes of colour provided by a host of floral delights can not only give your deck a more vibrant appeal but can also provide a more calming environment for you when you have finished work and just need a little downtime before the housework, dinner prep or anything else gets in the way.

Add in a bird feeder and your time lounging on the furniture can become almost mediative as you watch the birds dance through the air before pinching a treat.

Host parties for the kids or adults

A well-made deck can be the best place in your garden to entertain friends or have the kids enjoy time outdoors. With added extras like hot tubs easily facilitated, as well as plenty of space for furniture, toys or features, a deck very quickly becomes the hub of summer activity. Adding a BBQ to the lawn also means that all you could need is within a relatively close distance of each other. Who needs the pub or the park?

With suitable mood lighting and all the right features, you can become the host with the most without having to do much at all.

Make your deck your workplace

With remote working more and more commonplace, it would be best to make your home working environment one that you can enjoy. Many studies have shown that people can be more productive at home whilst several others have shown that working in or around a green space can provide better focus, reduce stress and see fewer sick days.

Why not plug the laptop in outside rather than in the home office or living room? It’ll give you a further appreciation of the investment in your decking and also give you a change of scenery that could see you much more focused.

How to make your decking more enjoyable this summer

So you now have some great reasons to enjoy your decking this summer but how do you make it that space that can be the perfect place for summer fun?

Invest in summer furniture

With the nights being longer, your chances to entertain friends or have a family meal outside become extended. Shop for some lightweight but durable furniture that matches the deck you have, compliment it with some stylish throws and you have the perfect blanket for when the temperatures dip a little, but you want to remain outside.

Add some lighting

If your deck is being installed for the summer, consider having some lighting installed as part of the setup but should your decking already be in place, look at options to add some ambient lighting around the deck. Lights around the rails, some that hand or some ornamental stand-alone lighting can all vastly transform the “feel” of your deck on a summer’s night.

Clean and prepare

If you haven’t been using your decking much recently, there is every chance it needs a little TLC before summer comes. A quick clean can transform the allure of your decking in an instant, and luckily a millboard decking means that there will be next to no cleaning required. Its easy-to-maintain nature means that more often than not, a quick mop and spot clean are all that is needed.

Add splashes of colour

Summer is the time for most plants and flowers to thrive and if you can allow your deck to accommodate some then you not only provide a welcoming environment for guests but you also provide yourself with a relaxing and calming area too. Don’t let colour just be limited to flowers though. Adding in some colourful accessories or furniture allows for your decking to do the talking when you don’t want to!


At The Southern Decking Company, we have been installing garden decking for years and love to see how it transforms the garden space of a household. With residential decking installation growing in popularity, why not contact us to see how we can transform your space into something extra special this summer?

Our Millboard composite decking is not only long-lasting but pet and kid-friendly too making it perfect for the whole family. Add in the lower maintenance and it’s easy for everyone to enjoy your deck this summer. With a host of styles available too, whatever your vision for your garden is, we can help make it happen.


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