Millboard Decking

Beautifully crafted and durable composite decking from a family-run British company.

Why Choose Millboard Decking?

Millboard decking is a versatile alternative to wooden decking and can be used in residential or commercial settings. Not only is Millboard the perfect product for outdoor decking, but it can also be used to create steps, planters, bridges, seating areas, pontoons, and hot tub bases too.

Each length of Millboard supplied by The Southern Decking Company is the result of incomparable craftsmanship and attention to detail. We want to provide, fit, and install the very best composite decking which is why Millboard is our number one choice. The hand-moulded lengths mimic natural timber and are cast from oak. Due to the polymer resin construction adopted by Millboard, the decking does not deteriorate or become slippery like natural wood.

What is Millboard composite decking?

Traditional wooden decking has its place in the exterior design world. However, rot, algae, splinters, and high levels of maintenance are some downsides of wooden decking. Millboard is a perfect blend of the beautiful visuals and textures of wood and the strength and ease of polyurethane – a product championed for its endurance.

Each separate Millboard decking board is reinforced with resin-mineral filler and finished with a unique Lastane surface, making it highly slip-resistant. Millboard’s polyurethane decking eliminates the deterioration, rotting, and warping that is commonplace with natural wood decking. Each Millboard piece is moulded from real oak, meaning none of the essence of natural wood is lost.

The benefits of millboard decking

As well as strength and versatility Millboard has many other advantages, including:

  • Splinter-free and slip-resistant
  • Rot & split resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Tough against scratches and stains
  • Resistant to sun damage
  • Lightweight without compromising strength
  • Won’t harbour insects or algae
  • Easy to install
  • Choice of colour blends and tones

With Millboard creating their first mould masters from a 100-year old railway carriage in 2005, you can rest assured that the product and finish are unparalleled.

Millboard decking installation

At The Southern Decking Company we stock a wide range of Millboard products. We are also able to fit and install Millboard decking for you too. Contact us now on 01903 357078 or email to discuss more about utilising Millboard in your garden or outside space and how we can install it for you.

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All your questions answered

What is Millboard decking?
Millboard is a unique product, moulded from real Oak it has been designed to replicate the natural beauty of real timber. It has a solid construction, created using a blend of natural minerals, polymer resin and a fibre reinforcement with a two-tone Lastane coating.
Why Millboard?
Millboard has all the beauty of natural timber but will outperform it, hands down. Millboard does not rot or warp and its construction ensures it boasts the highest anti slip ratings. Moulded on some of the finest pieces of aged oak, with very little maintenance and a residential guarantee of 25 years, why would you choose anything else?
Where is Millboard made?
Proudly, Millboard decking is designed and produced in Great Britain.
Do I need to treat Millboard?
No! This is done during the manufacturing process and will not need to be re-treated during the board’s lifespan.
How do I look after my Millboard deck?
Clean up any spills with a mild detergent and a brush - no need for any cleaning chemicals. To keep your Millboard in the best possible condition give it a brush over once a year with a broom and some water – That’s about it!
How long does Millboard last?
Millboard has a 25 year residential guarantee.
Is Millboard slippery?
Inspired by non-slip shoe soles, Millboard boasts one of the highest anti-slip ratings. Due to its timber content, conventional composite decking can become slippery. Unlike Millboard decking which is made from an entirely wood-free material.
Does Millboard look like timber?
From the Millboard driftwood boards which have the look of sea-washed timber to the timeless Weathered Oak boards or dramatically chic Embered products, it’s hard to believe they are not timber!
Does Millboard expand or contract?
As Millboard is a solid product it will not rot, warp, expand or contract.
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