Preparing Your Garden for the Summer
Posted on 2 March 2023
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The summer will be here before you know it and you’ll soon be enjoying the warmer weather and relaxing on a lawn, patio or garden decking. The parties will be starting, the BBQs fired up and the kids will be asking if they can sleep outside for a change. How though, do we prep our garden so that it is summer ready?

Let us share a few easy-to-follow tips so that this summer, your garden can be enjoyed by all and keep its visual allure when the weather hots up.

When should I start preparing my garden for summer?

Ideally, if you start work in the spring you should reap the rewards come the summer. That is not to say that all jobs should be carried out as soon as spring hits but many of them may take time to come to fruition. If you can get them done sooner rather than later, you’ll be able to enjoy your garden more when the hot weather comes.

What should I do to get my garden ready for the summer?

There are a few things you can do that may not take up much time but will almost certainly make a huge difference to your garden come the summertime.

Clean your gardening tools

Your garden tools may have last been put through an extreme workload as far back as a year ago so there is every chance they are not in the best condition. Giving them a good clean in the spring ready for your summer garden will keep you one step ahead. Washing them helps preserve them and prevents any harmful bacteria affect your plants and flowers. Check for sharpness and movement too. Sometimes a little oil or a little attention to the blades can make a large difference to how easy some tasks may be.

Clean down your decking

Over winter, there is every chance your deck has been used as a storage space for items you didn’t want to have left out on the grass. This no doubt has led to dirty marks, clutter and something altogether not that appealing.

Your deck is likely to be your hub of activity during the summer so having it look appealing to you and your guests is important. Before rushing into cleaning it, decorating it and transforming it, you will need to know what type of deck you have. Certain decks can only be cleaned in certain ways, others scratch easily, and some can stain. Luckily if you have invested in millboard composite decking you won’t need to worry. With it being warp, scratch and weather resistant as well as an easy-to-clean decking, once you have moved your items off, you can simply give it a light mop to get it looking new again.

Don’t forget to factor in some lighting, water features and suitable decking furnishings to help complement it and make it a great focal point of your summer garden.

Remove your weeds

Weeds are no gardens friend, they don’t look appealing, they harm your other plants, and they can grow at an excessive rate. Pull out any weeds from in between slabs, on the lawn or in any other areas they have surfaced. Apply weed killer if necessary. This can often be a labour-intensive task if weeds have taken over. One solution is the change to an easigrass artificial lawn. This limits your need to weed to just your flower beds and in between paving slabs. Furthermore, with artificial grass being suitable for all weathers, perfect for pets and low maintenance, it means that every summer you know there is one less job to do!

This would also be a good time to give the garden a once over. Remove dead plants that didn’t make it through winter and sweep away leaves, you can then turn the soil which helps break it up from where it may have turned hard after a long time sitting in the same way,

Consider trimming the hedges

Hedges can become overgrown messes when they are not maintained and, in the winter, when it was cold, wet and dark, it is unlikely you paid as much attention to them as you may have liked. With the weeds removed and the garden in the midst of a summer-ready refurb, it would be foolish to leave any bushes unattended. Simply remove any debris and then apply a hedge trimmer to make them look smarter. A further benefit is that once done, you won’t need to do it for a long time due to how slowly they can grow.

Plant flowers

The end result of your garden should be something you can be proud of and much of this comes from your beautiful flowers. Vibrant colours, and stunning shapes can make your garden create a real impact. Just make sure you don’t leave it too late to see the benefits of your labour. Plant them in the spring and water often, then by the peak of summer you will have a selection of fantastic flowers everyone can enjoy.

Prepare garden furniture

You may have already organized the furniture on your deck but what if you have other bits to position on the lawn? Check through your furniture and give it a clean. It may have been a year since it was last used!

Factor in the wildlife

Many flowers will automatically attract bees, wasps, butterflies, and other such insects but you can enhance the appeal of your garden by giving birds something to enjoy. Providing you with a relaxing addition to your garden, a bird feeder, bird bath or bird house can make it be that it is more than just you having a party in the garden in the summer.  Birds love to feast on the treats held within a feeder and will gladly clean themselves and drink from a bird bath. You’ll be surprised just how enjoyable watching them from your deck can be!

Regular maintenance for your garden

This gardening work may have been substantial, it may have taken no time at all but to enjoy your garden all summer long, you’ll need to keep on top of it. Frequent watering, cleaning up after a social gathering or just some preventative maintenance will all keep you a step ahead when it comes to getting ready for the following summer.


If your summer garden plans will include decking, speak to our team. With many years of experience in the installation of highly durable decking, we can transform your garden quickly. With a variety of composite decking ideas suitable for any home, simply reach out to us and let us make your summer garden dreams a reality.

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