How to Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture for Your Decking
Posted on 3 May 2022
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As we approach the warmer weather, more and more of us will start to spend time outside in our gardens. BBQs and sunbathing, parties and playtime, the whole family get to benefit from its use.

Decking really compliments a garden and gives you a beautiful area to socialise outside, enjoy the views and benefit from the garden you have curated.

You can’t spend your time sitting on the decking floor though! You need to furnish it and make it something attractive, comfortable, and durable (much like the decking itself!)

So, at The Southern Decking Company, we have put together our top tips to help you furnish your garden composite decking and make it a holiday haven as well as a family friendly addition to your home.

Consider the type of decking furniture are you looking for

Chances are, you have already got your deck built and are now just looking how best to furnish it. With that in mind, you should consider what the main uses for your decking are. Is it primarily for you to just relax and watch the world go by, or is it somewhere the children will play? Perhaps you will be hosting parties or maybe it will be an area purely for sun lounging.

Of course, you could incorporate all of these into your decking furniture, but you may run the risk of filling the decking with too much. Sometimes the saying “less is more” really works!

Consider seating arrangements and factors such as how many people you want to accommodate. Think about how many tables you may need and which way these items should face – do you want to look out across the garden, for example?

Plan you decking layout before you furnish it

Knowing the key uses of your deck will help you decide how to furnish it and what to furnish it with. If you haven’t yet got a deck in your garden and are in the early stages of planning, some of previous installations may give you some decking inspiration.

When you have settled on an idea for a layout, you can then start shopping for furniture based on the space and needs you have for your decking.  If your decking is already built, check the dimensions to see what items can fit where. Ending up with a large 4-seater because it looks great is no use when the space can only fit 2 seats!

Are you looking to incorporate any features? If so, where should they go to create the best look and impact?

Consider the textiles of your decking furniture

The British weather is unpredictable. One day you are basking in what feels like a heatwave, the next, the rain is pouring. With all the furniture you buy you will need to consider factors like this. Look for products that are water resistant, fade resistant and protected against UV.

In addition, your comfy cushions should be heavy duty and include air vents. The heavy duty protects from damage and the air vents allow for a quick dry.

Wood – Looks great but will require upkeep due to change in temperature. If you do want to consider wood, then it would be essential to look for weather-resistant wood. Alternatively, composite decking is weather-proof itself, and provided you know someone, or can fashion products yourself, makes for a brilliant way to incorporate wood effect furniture.

Wicker, rattan and grass – These materials are durable and look great. Just ensure they are always treated with a resin finish though.

Steel and wrought iron – As long as it is weatherproofed and painted, you can avoid the worry of rust, making for long lasting aesthetically pleasing furniture.

Plastic, PVC, or aluminium – The most lightweight of the available materials, they can look great, if buying the right furniture. Being rustproof as well means they are often top of the list when choosing furniture.

Look for safe and comfortable decking furniture

Sometimes, style can come at the cost of comfort. You may find the best-looking chairs to accompany your deck, but if sitting on them makes you squirm every 5 minutes then they were a bad investment. Compile a wishlist of your preferred choices and if a local store supplies them, try them out! Consider the weight, the edges and the size of all items, especially if you have children that will be enjoying your deck. Wooden furniture looks really good, but splinters are never nice so always ensure wooden pieces are sanded.

Choose furniture that doesn’t scratch your deck

If you haven’t ventured down the route of Millboard decking you may find that some furniture could scratch your wooden deck. Millboard is the durable composite decking that is resistant to the damage wood and less durable composite decking normally suffers from.

If your deck is a regular wood, look for pads that can be placed under the furniture. These will reduce the chances for the deck to be scratched. When it comes to moving it, the pads will reduce the chance for scratches, however we would always suggest lifting and placing it.

Why should I use a millboard composite deck?

Above, we mentioned how Millboard is more durable. Not only is it more likely to stay free from scratches, but it is also sun resistant as well as rot and split resistant. Available in a host of colours too, it is something that can be customized to your needs easily. Without the risk of splinters or slips, its also a great choice for families.


At The Southern Decking Company, we love to help your innovative decking ideas come to life. You can contact us for further inspiration or simply give us a call on 01903 357078 for more information. With a knowledgeable team, skilled in all landscaping needs, let us make your project dreams become a reality.

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