Increase The Value of Your Property with Garden Renovation
Posted on 7 June 2022
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Engaging in projects to renovate your home can be hard yet rewarding, especially when they lead to you seeing a fantastic return on investment.

Quite often though, we ignore the garden and spend time renovating kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Whilst they are great and make for a more stunning living space, it could well be the garden that unlocks the true potential for a better house valuation. A study from Post Office Money in 2020 showed that a landscaped garden could increase your house valuation by up to 77%.

There are a few things you could do within your garden to reap this potential reward, and our team at The Southern Decking Company are going to steer you in the right direction.

How much does a garden add to house value?

If a garden is high on your list of renovation plans, it probably comes with good reason. The 2020 research carried out by Post Office Money certainly shows that investing in your outside spaces can be beneficial.

What you chose to do to renovate may vary though. Perhaps you want to adorn it with new floral displays, maybe you want to add some garden composite decking to make a year long social hub, or you want to lay artificial grass to provide you with 365 days of greenery every year. What you do could largely determines how much the value of your property changes but as with anything, it comes at a cost. Are you looking to spend a little and hope for large returns, or are you going all out on making the garden your home project of 2022?

How much will garden renovation cost?

The experts at check a trade assessed the costs of renovating a garden and found that for a large garden of 100m2 you could be looking at a cost of anywhere between £5000-£10,000. In some cases, though, depending on the work involved, you could find yourself spending up to £30,000.

Why does a garden increase house value?

Gardening is a traditional British past time and for those of us with green fingers, it can be quite satisfying to nurture something from its inception to completion and reap the rewards throughout the year. Gardens, both front and rear can be the first thing seen by those coming to view your property and a nicely presented area of green space can be seen to add 20% to your house value. Over the years, various estate agents have conducted research into their clients wants and needs and have found that around 70% of potential buyers would pay more for a property with outdoor space.

What are the best garden renovation ideas to increase house value?

There are lots of things you can do to make your garden more appealing and see you benefit from your investment. Below, we have picked our top three.

Incorporate stylish paving

You want your garden to stand out and show off an array of colour but this doesn’t have to be limited to the vibrancy offered by plants, flowers and trees. Paving can be laid out in certain ways to illustrate certain vibes that could really resonate with those looking at your home. If your garden tends to have lots of purples or whites, consider grey or white paving. If your garden embraces reds, oranges and yellows then black or silver paving works really well.

How it is laid creates a certain look too. Maybe you can run it around the perimeter to create a path that guides people around the various areas of interest your garden may provide. Alternatively, run it through the middle to divide the garden into sections.

Add decking

A deck almost becomes like an additional room, whilst your garden flowers, you can sit back on your furnished decking, relaxing with friends, playing with the kids, or working from home in a comfortable, colourful environment. Millboard decking allows for a maintenance free, safe, and durable deck that can be enjoyed by the whole family including pets! Use the paving suggestion above to create a path that leads from the deck to lead you around the garden path.

Utilise any sloping

If your garden slopes, you can strategically plant your flowers and plants to give a stunning view for those using the garden. Exiting the back door or resting on your decking could be met with a beautiful vista created by you and give prospective buyers a lot more to look at and enjoy. It could even help them fully imagine themselves becoming the next people to enjoy the view on a daily basis.

Chose artificial lawn

What is not to love about an artificial lawn? No maintenance needed, green all year round, safe for the whole household and lasts for years. An installation of a product like Easigrass works wonders, not only for you now but also for those that are looking for a new home. Knowing they won’t have to do any lawn work is a huge plus point.

Create focal points

Whether it be a water fountain, a statue, a tree or an area for rest and relaxation, something that draws the eye can easily be a selling point. Sometimes it can be even simpler. By lining the path to your decking with flowers, placed in elegant containers you draw attention to an area of interest which then becomes the focal point without you having to do much at all!

Select innovative features

These days, people tend to want to stand out a little more.  Various items allow people to have a sense of individuality with their garden. Perhaps a firepit either on your decking or as a centrepiece might be nice. The communal nature they create gives people something enjoyable, on trend and possibly a key factor in making a property decision. Additionally, a pond or other type of water feature can give new homeowners something they haven’t had before and may be seeking out for their next property.


These are just a few of the hundreds of ideas out there that could be incorporated in a garden renovation project. We have carefully selected the above as a guide and would love to hear what you have done to create a better garden at home. Our team of composite decking experts can help you with a host of renovation ideas and decking inspiration. Contact us today to find out more!


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