Can You Paint Composite Decking?
Posted on 4 April 2022
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You may be looking to install a stunning deck to your garden and having shopped around, ended up with a fairly good idea of what you would like. You have considered the types of decking in terms of appearance, durability, style, and cost. This has more than likely led you to a composite decking like millboard. It’s hard-wearing manufacture and stunning appearance make it an easy choice. Once installed though, can you give it a paint and add more vibrancy to your stunning garden?

The good news is yes! You can paint a composite deck, and today we will tell you all you need to know.

What paint can I use on composite decking?

To get the best results on your composite deck, it’s is highly advised that you use a high-quality latex or acrylic paint. This will give you deck a nice shine and won’t rub off easily. It adds a great touch of colour and even though millboard composite decking, by its nature is long-lasting and extremely durable, a coat of paint can increase that durability even further.

How do I paint a composite deck?

You may have already chosen the colour and be keen to get started, however, to get the best results there are a few steps to follow first to make your deck give you what you want.

Remove any furniture/plants

Before applying your brush and roller, make sure the deck is clear. It may sound like common sense to some but there are many people that paint around items and then move them after. You don’t want to do it this way!

Clean the composite deck

Sweep any debris away and wash your composite decking. To get the best results in cleaning, keep things simple. A mix of hot water, and soap will do the trick. This will allow you to scrub away any stains and marks. Once clean, rinse with warm water. Then allow to dry.

Allow the deck to dry

It is important to allow the deck to dry before moving onto the next stages. This can take a while so give yourself at least 24 hours.  You can test whether your deck is sufficiently dry by laying some transparent sheeting over a patch of the deck. Tape it down to keep it secure, if after a couple of hours there is no condensation build-up underneath, you can move on to priming your deck.

Priming a composite decking

Priming a composite deck is possibly the most important job. More important than the painting itself.  This is because the properties of primer help the paint stick better, therefore enhancing the durability. Work along the length of the boards and give approximately 2 hours to dry, this could vary depending on the product used so always read the label.  Best results often come from an acrylic latex exterior primer. Once dry you should be ready to paint!

Painting your composite deck

Now that all the above steps have been completed, you can begin painting. As with the priming, apply along the lengths of the boards. Two coats will give the best finish but only apply the second after the first has dried. Use a roller or a brush depending on your preference

Alternatives to painting your composite deck

You might have a few ideas of how to bring some more vibrancy to your deck and if painting hasn’t inspired you, you could try staining. Staining a deck is much the same in terms of processes as painting however, a painted deck will not need to be retouched for as long as 10 years whereas a stained deck may need to be treated after the first year. It can last almost as long as paint though.

So now that the paint has been successfully applied you can enjoy your revitalised composite decking. A fantastic feature of millboard is that it comes in a variety of colours and styles meaning you may never have to paint it to suit the look of your garden, however, if your tastes change, simply follow our guide and bring a splash of new colour to your decking.

Our collections of millboard enhanced grain or millboard weathered oak are moulded from 100 year old oak add a touch of elegance to any garden. Contact us today to see how you can develop your outdoor haven into something even more special this year.


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