How to Prepare your Garden for Spring?
Posted on 1 March 2022
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A bright, modern and stylish garden is a goal many people love to achieve through Spring, whether it be features or flowers, decorations or decking, plants or pools. A well-presented garden in Spring is something those with green fingers or an eye for design love to enjoy.

In the run-up to Spring, we install many of our composite deckings to both residential and commercial properties as people look to use their gardens more. The mix of warmer weather, lighter evenings and stunning views all add to the enjoyment of a garden. Our variety of millboard composite decking allows you to create a stunning feature requiring no maintenance. Allowing you plenty of time to tend to your garden making it even more desirable.

How though can you make your garden look great so you can enjoy the views even more from your deck?

Check out our guide below:

Clean up weeds and other debris

As we exit the colder months, there are no doubt some overgrown parts of your garden that require a clean-up. You will likely have plans to plant some summer flowers so clearing the surface to bare soil is advised. The dead leaves and other organic matter will be great for compost so, if you have a compost pile, simply add them to it. Any weeds though will certainly need to be removed. We would suggest they are removed from the soil and burned or added to the working compost heap but only within it, not on top of it. This will stop it developing and allow it to die naturally.

Create your compost area

We mentioned above about compost but if you haven’t yet set up an area for it, now would be the time. All your organic waste can be put there and when ready will act as something your plants will love. Mix it with grass, vegetable peelings, wood prunings and paper. Turn it each month to keep it fresh.

Organise your shed

You may have a lot of work ahead of you to get your garden looking great. So, if you have a shed, then now would be a great time to prep it. You can check your tools and other equipment as well as top up the equipment you may have for garden projects. Items such as plant supports, or tomato cages would be good to assemble.





This isn’t something you will always need to do and largely depends on the type of trees or shrubs you have in your garden. Pruning is advised because it helps you shape the plant before it begins to flower. If you have Honeysuckle, Buddleia, or a rose bush it would be a good idea to prune them in prep.

Don’t rush into it though, as cutting back a shrub without sanitising your blades between each cut could spread plant disease rapidly throughout your garden. This could very quickly make your stunning project turn into a disaster. Just clean the blades with isopropyl alcohol and a clean cloth and you will avert a big problem!

Checking the shrubs you prune is also important as some will not need to be done at all. They benefit from growing off the old wood. Leave Lilacs, Camellia, Forsythia and Magnolia and you can enjoy the best of what they have to offer.

Pruning is like adding a small wound to a shrub or tree so for it to heal quicker, add a little fertilizer to the soil. The added nutrients will help it survive.

Order your bulbs

Summer is a time full of colour and vibrancy and getting your order in now means you can literally sow the seeds and reap the rewards come the hotter months. Don’t plant too early though so check the guidance supplied with your bulbs and seeds. If you are looking to grow begonias, peppers, or geraniums plant them as early as possible but start them in a heated propagator to guarantee good growth.

Remove unwanted visitors

There are some bugs that thrive on roots of plants such as the white-vine-weevil so checking the crowns of any perennials is a must. Snails, slugs and aphids all love to hide away but also love to cause damage to your garden. Ideally, relocate them somewhere else. Larvae though should be destroyed.

Install a water butt

With the added cost of utilities, allowing nature to cover the cost of watering your garden is a bonus. Not only does it save you money, but it also looks after your garden better. The alkaline often found in tap water can sometimes be harmful. Hosepipe bans are common in the UK once the weather warms up so by utilizing a water butt you avoid the implications of a ban.

If you are looking for a new composite decking to increase the visual quality of your garden and need something that will give you exceptional value for money, then speak with our experts at The Southern Decking Company today. We can help make decisions on your outside space and provide guidance when it comes to choosing your new millboard decking.

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