Does Composite Decking Warp?
Posted on 2 February 2022
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You may be considering giving your house a bit of a refurb over the coming months and it’s quite possible a stunning new deck is high on the agenda. But what do you do when there are so many potential options out there? How do you know which type is suitable for your home? The honest answer is- As long as it can withstand rain, sun and constant use, you should be fine, and that is where we come in.

Proud suppliers of millboard composite decking for many years, our expert team at The Southern Decking Company are able to help push your home renovation plans forward.

Today, we look at composite decking and the fear of it warping. It is something that becomes an immediate concern for people investing in such a large project and we can totally understand why. You want your home to look and feel stunning yet an imperfection here or there can totally loose the desired effect.

What is composite decking?

Composite decking has fast become the popular alternative to the wood decking you are probably used to seeing. It is durable, easy to clean, and is well known for being maintenance free decking. Often moulded from real wood, like the Millboard products we install, it gives the wood look but without the risk of rot and splitting. Hand finished and available in a variety of colour blends and tones, it is easy to replicate the appearance of natural wood without the risk and increased longevity.

Will my new composite deck warp?

A huge benefit of composite decking – along with the cosmetic ones – is that it is built to last and never requires much more than the odd clean. At The Southern Decking Company, we proudly use millboard decking, a product designed and produced in Great Britain. Moulded from real oak and built to last over 25 years, the millboard composite deck will never warp, expand, or contract. This makes it a perfect surface for you to use when going forward with your exterior project.

Why has my composite decking warped?

This is unusual and should only ever happen due to incorrect installation. It is noted that if installing yourself, you should always leave a 5mmm space between deck lengths and a 15mm space between decking and a wall.

This isn’t to say all composite decks, if installed correctly, are free from warping. Certain low-quality decking may develop a slight warp when exposed to high temperatures and that may result in the boards expanding and pushing up against the wall or other boards near them. When the temperature reduces the boards contract and as a result you will find yourself left with a warped deck.

Preventing a warped deck

If you have been installing decking yourself or are looking to install decking yourself, you should initially consider the product being used. Cheaper manufacturers may supply something visually suitable but you also want to know that it is suitable and won’t let you down when the weather gets warmer or wetter.

The easiest way to prevent warping, aside from investing in high quality product, is to follow the guidance referenced earlier. 5mm between decks and 15mm away from the wall. This though won’t necessarily guarantee the deck wont bend.

This is another reason we only supply millboard, our weathered oak, lasta-grip and enhanced grain decking are all constructed to the highest possible standards, giving you durability, quality, and the knowledge that your deck will remain at its best for years to come. With the reassurance it won’t warp or bend too, our British produced millboard decking is the best way to have a warp free deck.

If you are looking for a new composite decking and need something that will give you exceptional value for money, then speak with our experts at The Southern Decking Company today. We can help make decisions on your outside space and provide guidance when it comes to choosing your new millboard decking.

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