How Can I Improve My Decking on a Budget?
Posted on 6 January 2023
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Your deck may be a huge focal point of your garden, a hub for summer activity, a cosy hideaway for spring evenings, or maybe a winter wonderland that helps lure Santa in. Sometimes though, it might be missing that special something that could change the look of it altogether and vastly improve the aesthetic of your deck.

Often, people look to expensive refurb plans or complex redesigns to create an improved look. However several fantastic improvements can be made without spending a fortune.

We picked a few residential decking ideas that you can make come to life on a budget.

So, if your decking is looking a little under the weather or perhaps you feel you could do more with it, then check out our guide below.

1.      Upcycle old furniture

Your deck, no matter the size, can be a great place to help your garden flourish and add some stunning pops of colour to an area curated for rest and relaxation. If you are looking to get rid of some old draws, utilise them by converting them into planters. It makes for a quirky and unique feature for your deck. In fact, the possibilities with furniture or household accessories are endless. If you have a bucket or a crate laying around, for example, they can very quickly become the home for some floral delights.

2.     Add an outdoor rug

We are not, for one second suggesting you cover your stunning decking, but by adding an outdoor rug you enable a subtle touch of style to further enhance the impression your deck creates. Match the colours to the deck and furniture to create a uniform look that can then be enjoyed any time of year. If you own an old wooden deck that may have faded or chipped, these are a fantastic way to cover up the imperfections. If you have a versatile composite deck the colour won’t have faded but the addition of a rug can be a welcome compliment to the variable colours available in composite decking and won’t break the bank.

3.     Paint your decking

Painting is perhaps the easiest choice of all for giving your decking an affordable refurb. A wooden deck may need a little more prep to help showcase the colour you are choosing to adorn it with, but it can look as good as new once you have applied a few coats. Other deck types such as millboard decking can be painted with high-quality acrylic or latex paints that not only add to the colour but also increase the durability of an already long-lasting deck. If painting is an option you want to pursue, find out more in our painting composite decking guide. Further to this, if your deck backs onto a wall, you can paint the wall to create a feature wall like you would inside your home.

4.     Add a deck border

Perhaps a little more expensive than the other options we have so far covered, it can still be achieved on a budget. It helps define the deck as a separate zone from the rest of the garden and acts as a safety measure if your decking is raised. A trellis allows for unobstructed airflow and plenty of light into the area and can be painted to match the colour of your decking. Furthermore, the nature of a trellis allows you to add some climbing greenery to it for an even bigger impact.

5.     Look at your lighting options

There are some incredibly expensive options available that help you illuminate your deck but you do not have to go down this route to make your deck shine bright.

Solar-powered festoon lights are perfect and help create a certain ambience with their overhead or draped fitting. You can also look at embracing the power of the sun even more with some solar lanterns that give a warm cosy glow. Where the sun may not come out often, some LED candles and battery-powered lights can be creatively positioned to make the deck mystical, warm and snug whatever the time of year.



These are just 5 ideas for making your decking look better than ever but the options are pretty much endless depending on your tastes. Paint your deck furniture in vibrant colours to add a touch of character, add a shelter with a shade sail, or maybe layer up your textiles to add a fresh new look to the deck area.


Whichever options you go for, you can be assured that a composite decking from The Southern Decking Company will not only suit any style but it won’t wither under the weather. Long-lasting, rot-free, and easy to clean, a millboard composite deck can be adapted to your needs for many years to come.  Get in touch to see how we can help you transform your garden into something extra special.

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