The Benefits of Composite Decking
Posted on 26 August 2021
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Composite decking has seen a huge rise in popularity over the past few years. It’s made from an innovative synthetic material which combines the natural beauty of real wood and the strength of polyurethane.

Composite decking has offered a versatile alternative to wood decking, with a longer life-span thanks to its durable materials. Below are some of the main benefits of composite decking.

Low Maintenance

Unlike wood decking, which requires regular maintenance, there’s no need to paint, or stain composite decking. Composite decking is treated during the manufacturing process and will not need to be done again during the board’s lifespan.

Composite decking comes ready to perform well in all types of weather – it’s water resistant and tough against UV rays. So, you can relax knowing your composite decking will keep looking its best with very little effort from you.


Composite decking is non-porous, so won’t absorb water like wood decking. It is highly resistant to algae growth, so it stays anti-slip whatever the weather.

The Southern Decking Company provides Millboard’s specialised Lasta-grip decking. This range combines the elegance of the Enhanced Grain boards with a unique textured design. It has optimised anti-slip properties and is ideal for use on walkways, ramps and stairs.

Tough Against Scratches and Stains

Composite decking is particularly tough against scratches and stains. Millboard decking has a unique lastane layer, designed to hold up against even the most challenging outdoor environments.

Unlike wood decking which can scratch easily, composite decking can withstand high heeled shoes, pet’s claws and children’s play.

Rot and Split Resistant

Wood decking absorbs water, which causes it to expand, and then shrinks again when it dries out. This fluctuation causes the wood to warp and split. Composite decking is water resistant and non-pourous, so it won’t warp and crack.

Composite decking is solid, not hollow, and made with fibre-reinforced resin-mineral filler. This strengthens the boards, so they won’t rot or splinter. It also means that it won’t harbour insects or pests, unlike timber boards.

Resistant to Sun Damage

Composite decking is highly resistant to sun damage, thanks to the manufacturing process and materials. It won’t fade or deteriorate due to harmful UV rays, so you’ll have an attractive decking with no painting required for years to come.

Cost Efficient

Whilst the upfront cost of composite decking might be more than wood decking, you’ll actually save money over the decking’s lifetime.

The Southern Decking Company provides Millboard composite decking with a 25-year guarantee. Most wood decking will need to be replaced every ten years or so, so you’ll end up spending more on wood decking over the years. Plus, with wood decking you’ll need to factor in costs for paint or staining, which will need to be done once or twice a year. Composite decking doesn’t need any painting or staining, so you don’t need to pay out for these upkeep costs.

Choice of Colours and Finishes

Composite decking comes in a range of colours and finishes, so you can find exactly the right look for your garden, without having to do any of the painting yourself.

We provide Millboard composite decking which is hand-coloured by master craftsmen, to get that authentic wood finish. Millboard’s Enhanced Grain range has a variety of colours, whether you want the sunny, beachy feel of Limed Oak, or the vintage charm of Antique Oak. The boards are moulded from real oak boards, so they merge perfectly with the textures of natural wood. Millboard’s Weathered Oak collection has a timeless aesthetic available in a number of authentic tones, with Driftwood, Vintage Oak and Weathered Oak. Each board is hand-moulded from a real aged board, to retain the natural texture of wood.


The Sothern Decking Company is an expert, authorised distributer and fitter of Millboard composite decking. We cover Sussex, Surrey and the surrounding Southern Counties, transforming both residential and commercial spaces. Call us on 01903 357078 or contact us for a quote.

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