How to Make Your Decking Non-Slip
Posted on 19 October 2021
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In rainy, snowy, or frosty weather, your decking could turn slippery, putting you and your family at risk of injury.

There are a few reasons why your decking can get slippery. If debris is allowed to build up on your deck, moisture will also build up. If you have wood decking, the wood will absorb the moisture as the debris will prevent it from drying out. This is when mould and algae will grow, which causes the deck to become slick.

The growth will also fill in the grain of the wood decking, which would usually help to provide traction and grip. When these grains are filled in with algae or moss, the traction is lost and the decking becomes slippery.

The problem can be amplified in the winter when the moisture will freeze and create a layer of ice on the surface of your decking.

This is mainly an issue with wooden decking, which will be more absorbent than composite decking. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to reduce how slippery your decking gets, making it much safer.

Sweep Your Decking Regularly

You should regularly sweep your decking to remove all the leaves and other debris that can pile up. This will help to stop the moisture from building up and give your decking more of an opportunity to dry out after a rain storm. You’ll find that rain can bring more leaves and debris, especially during the winter months, so you should try to sweep up as soon as the weather dries out again.

Maintain Your Decking’s Drainage

There should be small gaps between the planks of your decking, which allow wooden boards to expand and contract. They’re also there to help the water on your decking to drain away. Sometimes these spaces can fill up with debris, so it’s important to clear them out so moisture doesn’t build up on the surface. You can use a small knife or screwdriver to get in between the decking boards and clear out the spaces.

Thoroughly Clean Your Decking Twice a Year

In addition to regular sweeping, you should try to completely clean your decking twice a year with a jet washer and cleaning solution. You can either make your own solution or buy ready-made from a garden centre, but you should avoid anything that contains chlorine as this will damage the wood. Whilst this is a great way of getting your decking clear of dirt and debris, you should only do it twice a year to limit the wear on your decking.

Remove Snow from Your Decking

If you have heavy snowfall, you should aim to get out to your decking and clear the snow as soon as it stops coming down. This can prevent ice from forming underneath the snow, which can make decking extremely slippery. You should make sure not to use salt on your decking to melt the ice – whilst this works on roads, it will damage your decking.

Paint Your Decking with Non-Slip Paint

If you want to ensure your decking remains non-slip, you can buy non-slip paint for it. You’ll need to thoroughly clean your decking first and then leave it to dry completely. You can then paint the boards with a roller or paint brush, following the instructions on the can. You should give the paint plenty of time to dry before you step on it. The non-slip paint will create a textured surface that will stop it from getting slippery. It can even help if mould and algae begin to build up, although you should still take steps to remove debris and prevent moisture build up.

Replace Wooden Decking with Non-Slip Composite Decking

Wooden decking is extremely difficult to keep non-slip and requires regular maintenance to reduce the risk of slippage. Composite decking is an alternative that is designed to be non-slip and also requires low maintenance.

Our Millboard composite decking is made with polyurethane which eliminates the rotting and warping that comes from moisture build-up and algae growth. It’s finished with a unique Lastane surface, which makes it highly slip-resistant. We can also supply and install Millboard’s Lasta-Grip which combines the elegance of Millboard’s Enhanced Grain with a unique textured design that enhances the anti-slip technology.

The Southern Decking Company is an authorised supplier and installer of Millboard decking and we’ve been transforming spaces in Sussex, Surrey, and the surrounding Southern Counties with this high-quality composite decking. Get in touch to speak with our knowledgeable and friendly team about how we can help with your landscaping needs.

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